Custom made Jeans

A jean that feels like it was made just for you.

Tailor-made jeans

A pair of jeans that feel like they were made just for you. Because a pair of jeans is perhaps the most worn item in your wardrobe, so it has to be perfect.

That’s why we at Rocha Bespoke Tailoring can make it custom for you.

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Personally styled

Made from Italian Candiani denim, in the most beautiful colors and washes, yarns, buttons and patches of your choice


Business in Rickmansworth
All works are carried out in-house by our highly experienced tailors and tailoress. Good old fashioned personal service.

Perfect fit

Measured at ten points and Handmade, based on your pattern.

Custom Made Jeans
in three steps

We make them custom, and completely to your liking.

In our shop we start with a few simple questions. When do you want to wear it? Is there a special item you want the jeans to match with? And which fit do you prefer?

Once we’ve determined that, it’s time for step two: styling the jeans with colors and washes, but also yarns, buttons and patches. Finally, it’s time for a personal touch: your initials on the jeans, or a personal message in the waistband.

Last step, but perhaps the most important step: measuring your jeans. Based on a fitting jeans, we determine your size on ten points. Of course we save your measurements, so that selecting a second pair of jeans is even easier. Once we have put together the custom-made jeans, it will be ready in our store after about five weeks.

Only £295 per pair

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